What is Karndean flooring?

Karndean Flooring, also known as Karndean Designflooring, is a brand of luxury vinyl flooring (LVT) that produces the most realistic wood and stone finishes in the market. Karndean is the biggest name in the industry and is such a force of nature within the luxury vinyl flooring world that many people think it is a type of floor in itself.

So what is Karndean flooring?

Karndean Designflooring is fabricated planks or tiles that bring the ageless beauty of natural flooring to your home without the hassle that comes with it. You can have a floor that to all intent and purpose has the individuality of real wood flooring, the shine of marble and the subtle texture of limestone and slate, but is much easier to install and look after.

You can create an even more individual looking floor by laying the flooring at different angles or patterns or choosing finishing touches like borders or inserts to create a customised look.

Each plank and tile does not look generic and manufactured, but conveys the characteristics of the natural materials, whilst being more practical, softer, warmer to touch. It is easy to clean and without the porous quality of wood flooring and some stone.

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Benefits of Karndean flooring

Karndean understand that the wear layer and quality is the most important part of any floor.   All of their ranges are created with the highest standard of materials with decades of technical knowledge behind each tile.  All Karndean luxury vinyl flooring is waterproof, long lasting, scratch resistant and built to a very high standard.  The standard is so high that you’ll find lifetime domestic warranties offered across all their ranges (and generous commercial warranties).

One of the many things we love about Karndean is their huge range of different designs with the incredible look and feel of the textures of wood and stone.   Their designers are some of the best in the world and have created perfect solutions for any room, no matter your style or budget.

The personalisation of your floor can go even further with a great range of Karndean Design Strips.  These are strips which go between the tiles to look like grouting that you can mix and match for the perfect combination.

The Flooring and Carpet Centre in Kingsteignton is proud to have a prestigious Gold retailer status for Karndean.  We have the widest range of Karndean Designflooring in the Torbay, Newton Abbot, Teignmouth and Shaldon area.

benefits of karndean flooring
what is karndean flooring

What is Karndean flooring? – Karndean flooring ranges


Karndean Da Vinci

The Karndean Da Vinci range focuses on traditional, timeless designs of all different shapes and sizes.  It is finished with bevelled edges which help distinguish each board.

Karndean Knight Tile

Karndean Knight Tile boasts the biggest range, with soft textures in the grain and high detailed design at affordable prices.

Karndean Art Select

The Karndean Art Select range gives you nature-inspired designs along with an extra tough surface.  These floors are so hardy they come with a 20 year commercial warranty

Karndean Van Gogh

Our Karndean Van Gogh range is all about colourful, characterful designs.  These floors have unique and unusual grain patterns, making them great for the DIY designer.

Karndean Heritage

Karndean’s Michelangelo range is a completely unique range of contemporary tiled floors which replicate colourful mosaic designs – perfect if you’re after something a little different!

Karndean Opus

Our Karndean Opus range has striking contemporary designs for modern homes and offices, with a 15 year commercial warranty across all the floors.

Karndean Palio Clic

Karndean Palio Clic combines a versatile range of designs with a fantastically simple locking mechanism – there’s no need to glue these down.

Karndean Looselay

The Karndean Looselay range uses thick tiles which can be installed without any glue or underlay. These hyper-practical floors also give you excellent acoustic and thermal insulation.

Karndean Korlok

The Karndean Korlok range uses thick tiles which can be installed without any glue or underlay. These hyper-practical floors also give you excellent acoustic and thermal insulation.

Karndean Kaleidoscope

We also stock the new Karndean Kaleidoscope range which features a wide array of shapes and patterns including cubes, hexagons, chevrons and woven designs.  The Kaleidoscope range is carefully crafted by Karndean’s in-house product designers to offer 3D impact, movement or visual contrast.

What is Karndean flooring made from?

The actual product range is a high quality, easy to maintain vinyl flooring planks and tiles with the look and feel of real wood and stone.

Its composition is mainly calcium carbonate (limestone), polyvinyl chloride and pigments. One of the unique things about it is that each floor plank, or tile, is made up of 5 distinct layers:

  • 2 PVC backing layers
  • 1 high definition photographic layer
  • 1 clear PVC embossed wear layer
  • 1 Polyurethane protective top coating layer

Karndean’s unique composition makes the wear layer slip resistant, tough and long lasting. The decorative photographic layer offers a wider variety of colour, texture and style choices that any other type of vinyl flooring.

The ranges give you the option of having wood flooring and stone effect flooring without the hassle, cost and maintenance these types of flooring require. Karndean designs come in as many natural wood (like oak) and stone (like limestone) styles and colours as you can imagine.

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karndean heritage
karndean opus
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karndean korlok
karndean kaleidoscope

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Is Karndean flooring better than laminate?

Karndean Designflooring is more versatile and practical than laminate flooring for numerous reasons. One of the first is the sound – Karndean is much quieter than laminate underfoot, and much warmer, too! This is because it is made from a soft and malleable vinyl composition rather than laminate’s rigid fibreboard.

Laminate flooring is not very resilient when it comes to spills and leaks. Laminate planks are susceptible to chipping and cracking.  Karndean flooring is not easily damaged and will stand a long lasting test of time in both busy homes and commercial areas.

The main difference between laminate and Karndean flooring is their reaction to differing environments.
Laminate flooring reacts a lot to moisture and changes in temperature. Water is absorbed by laminate and causes the planks to warp and the top layer to curl as they dry out. We would not advise laminate to be used in kitchens and bathrooms because of this. Heat and cold will also cause problems in that a laminate floor will naturally expand in the heat of the summer, causing buckling, and contract in the winter, causing splitting.
Karndean withstands surface water without any damage to the tile and it will also withstand changes in temperature, without damage, so it can easily be utilised in room that are prone to water spills (like bathrooms, hallways and kitchens) as well as living rooms and bedrooms.
Therefore we believe Karndean flooring provides a longer-lasting and more robust solution.

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Bring any Karndean floor to life with the Floorstyle design tool and visualiser.

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