How much should good carpet cost?

If you’re looking to buy a new carpet, how much should you spend?  It’s a question that many people ask themselves while shopping for one, but where answers can be hard to find.  One of the most important determinants of the price of a carpet is the material used. Some carpet materials are a lot more expensive than others. The cost of carpets can vary enormously, from just a few hundred pounds to over ten thousand for a single room.  In a recent blog we investigated which carpet is best and here we’re going to think about how much should good carpet cost.


Twist carpet

Twist carpets are hard wearing on the surface. The fibre in the carpet is designed to be stylish and to feel good underfoot. Fibres stick up directly from the floor underneath. They work well in high-traffic areas in your home.  Wool twist carpets range in price between £15 and £22 per square metre.

Saxony carpet

Saxony carpets are similar to twist in the sense that fibres stand up on end from the floor. However, all the fibres are trimmed flush producing a luxurious feeling on the feet. For this reason, these carpets are ideal for bedrooms and living spaces. Saxony carpets, when not on sale, range in price from £15 to £35 per square metre.

Loop pile

In loop pile carpets, the fibres stand up like little circles from the carpet base. Not only are they soft, but they’re also extremely durable, and ideal for multi-tonal applications. Pet owners, however, shouldn’t choose this type of carpet because of the risk that claws will get stuck in the loops. Loop pile carpets range in price from £5 to £40 per square metre, depending on the material. Natural fibres are more expensive than polypropylene.

Berber carpet

Berber carpets are loop pile, twisted carpet hybrids. These carpets are highly resistant to stains and last a long time, even in the busiest households. What’s more, they have a naturally stylish appearance, making them an excellent choice for reception areas in the home. Polypropylene berber carpets start from just £6 per square metre. Durable wool mix berber carpets cost up to £25 per square metre.

Cut and loop carpet

Cut and loop are a combination carpet, comprising some vertical fibres and some looped back around into the mat below. This design gives carpets a truly unique look. 100 percent wool cut and loop carpets will set you back £37 per square metre. Polypropylene equivalents cost around £6.

Velvet carpet

velvet carpets are those that have a low-cut pile where the fibres themselves fan out. These carpets are incredibly soft underfoot, making them an excellent choice for the lounge or bedroom. Velvet-touch carpets are much more expensive than other types, even when constructed from artificial materials. Prices range from £27 to £40 per square metre.

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Just as with most products, the more money that you’re willing to spend, the longer your carpet will last. The less you spend, the shorter will be the carpet’s life.  Of course, longevity isn’t just determined by price. It’s also a function of use. Low-cost carpets can still last a long time if they’re used infrequently. Likewise, expensive, durable carpets can wear out in just a few years if foot traffic is high.

Spending £15 per metre on carpet won’t get you the highest quality modern carpet. With a budget like that, you will be lucky to find one that lasts five years, even under low usage.  For carpets in areas of your home with medium foot traffic that you want to last 10 years or more, you may have to spend over £25 per metre.  And if you want carpets to last longer in heavy-footfall areas of your home, you may have to pay more than £35.

We hope our little guide to how much should good carpet cost helps you!