Which carpet is best?

Choosing the right carpet you want for your home can be a minefield.  With so much choice and many other factors to consider; Which room of the house is the carpet for?  Do you need really tough and hard-wearing carpet?  Or is it all about comfort?  But of course the decisions don’t end there …. it’s then time to decide which carpet is best for you.

Carpets come in many forms and it is really important to make sure you get the correct type to suit your needs.

It’s the pile of your carpet, the way it’s made and the fibres used that determine the way it feels under your feet and how it looks and performs.  In general, a shorter pile is better for heavy traffic areas because it will maintain its appearance for longer but if it’s luxury you’re after, go for a longer pile.  Before you buy, check how much wear each carpet type can stand and make sure you get the right one for the area you need to be carpeted.  The varying levels of wear each type can withstand will determine suitability and whether it’s right for your needs and the living space to be carpeted.

Here’s a quick guide to help you decide:

Twist carpet

Twist carpets are smooth to the touch and hard-wearing.  Ideal for the living room, twist makes great stair carpet too as it’s a perfect mix of comfort and durability.  Twist comes in both plain colours and in two tonal heather shades that really add depth to a room.

Saxony carpet

If you want the feel of soft luxury between your toes then choose a Saxony carpet.  In a super soft finish to indulge your tootsies, Saxony is surprisingly hard-wearing and as such can be used pretty much anywhere in your home – except wet areas.  However, the sumptuous feel makes it the perfect bedroom carpet.  So go on, indulge yourself!

Loop pile

Loop pile carpet feels comfy to walk on and is really practical – as long as you don’t have pets.  Claws catch the loops and before long your carpet will not look its best, so choose a different type if you are an animal lover.  Loop carpet is perfect in bedrooms and living rooms and some loops make good carpets for stairs, just check the suitability before you buy.  Loop carpet comes in plain and heather colours too.

Berber carpet

Berber can be either loop or twist carpet and is available in a wide choice of textures and patterns. Stain-resistant and super hard-wearing, berber carpets can cope with the comings and goings of even the busiest family homes and can be used in almost any room.

Cord carpet

Super affordable and kids and pet-friendly, cord carpet really is the practical choice. The ribbed design adds texture and a contemporary feel – perfect for those wanting to refresh a room on a budget.

Cut and loop carpet

These carpets are made with straight and cut looped fibres which combine to create patterned carpets or plain carpets with an unusual look or texture. Hard-wearing, these carpets will give a more traditional finish to your home.  Again, as this carpet contains loops, avoid if you have a furry family member.

Velvet carpet

Velvet carpet has a dense pile that is cut low to give a smooth, luxurious finish.  If you want to give your home an indulgent feel, velvet is the way to go.  So soft and warm, it makes perfect carpet for lounges and bedrooms.

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We hope our little guide to which carpet is best helps you!